We started Chameleon to make user onboarding more delightful. It’s working and we have an excellent product, happy customers, and traction.

Chameleon is a platform for product success; our customers build in-product experiences (such as banners, modals, tooltips, walkthroughs, spotlights, widgets, microsurveys etc.) inside their web apps without writing any code, using Chameleon.

Customers can track how their users engage with these experiences, to help users complete their onboarding, discover features, deepen their usage and prevent issues.

We enable our customers to provide in-product information for users at the right time, and in the place they are already active. This is the new way of doing product marketing, driving product growth and deflecting issues.

We are a remote-first team spread from the US West Coast to Latvia, and we love the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, languages that brings.