SnapStream Media

SnapStream is the original news media video workspace. We help news, media, and public affairs teams break news faster, earn more mentions, and multiply audience engagement. With SnapStream, it’s easy to search, clip, share, and publish newsworthy broadcast TV and streamed video moments in real time. That’s why industry-leading newsmakers like POLITICO, Vox, Media Matters for America, the United States Senate, Atlantic Council, and others rely on us to tame the news cycle and publish newsworthy moments as they happen.

SnapStream is on a mission to help organizations harness the power of moments. We do this because moments, highlights, and clips are at the heart of modern visual storytelling. And visual storytelling is how culture, conversation, and connection are created. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Houston, TX, Team SnapStream is a dynamic group of news junkies, cinephiles, media aficionados, and wannabe live streaming influencers.

SnapStream Core Values

Our core values serve as our operating system at SnapStream. It shapes how we work, who we hire and why we win. The SnapStream Way is to:

  • Be curious: cultivate a culture of learning & continuous improvement
  • Walk in the customer’s shoes: spend time deeply understanding our customers so you can see the world through their eyes
  • Experiment without fear: experiment boldly and be unafraid to change your thinking along the way
  • Be an owner: have a sense of personal responsibility, sweat the details, and think long term
  • Enjoy the journey... together: work as one team by respecting, inspiring, and uplifting other