Ambassador Labs

Kubernetes isn’t just a change in platform; it is a change in the development workflow. Before Kubernetes, monolith applications had static and separate,  dev and ops workflows. The workflows had to be fixed and static since everyone was working on a big block of code that would get released at set intervals. The perfect storm of DevOps, microservices and cloud has changed the development process. What was once controlled, static and monolithic is now decentralized, dynamic and focused on developers delivering services, not just code. Ambassador Labs is building the DevOps stack for Kubernetes.

Built for Kubernetes managed environments, the Ambassador Edge Stack, goes beyond traditional API Gateways and Ingress Controllers with the advanced edge features needed to support DevOps for Kubernetes. Built on the industry-leading Envoy Proxy, the Ambassador Edge Stack is available in both open-source and commercial editions. Ambassador Edge Stack is the most popular Kubernetes-native API Gateway.

Headquartered in Boston, Ambassador Labs has development locations around the world, including Portland, London, and Montreal.