• New York, NY, USA

Debtsy works to ensure that borrowers who fall behind on debt are treated with dignity. Owing to outdated processes and bad actors, traditional debt collection is rife with harassment and fraud. Our products tackle this by helping financial institutions modernize collections, giving borrowers simpler and more compassionate ways to get back on track.

We recognize that debt collection is fraught. Our goal is to do better by adopting a more thoughtful approach:

  • We empower borrowers to negotiate discounts on their debt by helping them document financial hardship. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge for this service.
  • We use software to automate the collection process. By limiting the role of people, we eliminate the most common source of abuse.

Most importantly, we look for evidence of integrity in everyone we hire. We count on each other to make decisions that take borrower dignity into account, not just business interest. If you're asking this question, then you might be a good fit.