Support Driven is an online community of more than 9000 members who care deeply about support. We ask questions, share expertise, and help each other via the Support Driven Slack,, and at events like SD Expo and SD Leadership Summit (formerly SUPCONF events).

Support Driven as a company is small and exists to serve our community of customer support professionals. We are dedicated to support as a career and to transforming the customer support industry.

Core Values 

-Safe belonging

- Community

- Sustainability

- Collective learning and inquiry

- Substance

Safe belonging: we are a welcoming, friendly, compassionate, and inclusive community who aim to create a space where community members feel they are among friends.

Community: we are people-first, and everything we do is in service to the community.

Sustainability: we're not here to maximize profits or shareholder value. We're here to sustainably create products and services for the community. We are not "go big or go home", we are small and steady.

Collective learning and inquiry: we are helpful and feel safe asking for help. We share expertise. We mentor. We understand not everyone's company is the same, and we know the answer is often "it depends": we share our experience while also being inquisitive to highlight the unique needs of each company.

Substance: we don't focus on growing the number of SD users, we focus on growing the value of what we do for the people in our community. We carefully consider projects, expenditures, and sponsorships to ensure that they are substantive and add worth rather than flash.