Blast Motion

Blast Motion is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technologies that enables concurrent assessment and player development for sports science and biomechanical analysis applications. Our solutions utilize advanced biomechanical-based algorithms to quantify the underlying coordination and control patterns of an athlete along with the resultant performance outcomes. Coaches and players are provided objective feedback around motion-specific key performance indicators (KPI). The end result is accelerated player development through direct biofeedback loops that allows the athletes to functionally improve performance.

Blast Motion is committed to pushing the boundaries of sports performance by delivering a wearable technology solution that provides actionable insights and direct performance feedback in a completely portable solution that can either replace or augment the use of much more expensive technology solutions such as high-speed optical camera systems and force plates. This allows a wearable technology solution that can simultaneously be used across an entire professional sports organization or by aspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels to improve rapidly and have fun in the process.

Blast Motion is a mid-staged startup based in beautiful Carlsbad, CA in a state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. facility including a sports science and usability lab, including state of the art optical machine vision systems.