GitBook started as a simple open source tool designed to let developers quickly publish content from a git repo. We've changed a bunch since then, but fundamentally we've stayed true to the vision of empowering software teams to document and distribute their knowledge.

Where we started

The first iteration of GitBook was a bootstrapped, developer-focused product built by co-founders Samy and Aaron, allowing folks to publish documentation (or 'books'!) straight from their git repos.

Where we're at

Now, we are a fully distributed team building the future of knowledge management, starting with technical teams. Our product has become more accessible, our team has grown, and we're powering knowledge sharing at some pretty awesome places.

Where we're heading

We want GitBook to be a product that continues to power knowledge, and break down silos, across all kinds of great teams. We're pushing ourselves to improve; we treat our company like a product; we take risks together; and fundamentally care about the future of knowledge management.